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Remember Our Veterans, Support our Troops and Richwood Veterans of Foreign Wars.

  • The names on the Vietnam Memorial Wall from West Virginia, sorted by "Town".

  • American Battle Monuments Commission.

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    Remember our combat veterans;
    Support our Troops and Veterans of Foreign Wars
    America Supports You

    Strengthening our nation’s security and freedom is still a top priority for the United States and as an American I am Grateful for our United States Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guards, and our U.S. Reserves units, who are always willing to accept our nation’s call to protect and preserve our freedom

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    Some of the wars I remember

    Spanish-American War
    American Casualties in the Spanish-American War, killed in action 385 and other death 2,061

    The Korean War
    Inter State War
    North Korea and China
    Casualties in the Korean War, 33600 American

    Vietnam War
    Civil War, Inter-State War
    North Vietnam and South Vietnamese "Viet Cong" Rebels
    Vietnam War Casualties 58226 American soldiers
    died in the war or are missing in action.

    Second Persian Gulf War "Operation Desert Storm"
    Inter State War

    "Desert Fox" Campaign, part of U.S and Iraq Conflict
    December, 1998
    Inter State War

    Attack on the USS Cole
    October 12, 2000
    Terrorist Conflict
    Terrorists associated with Osama bin Laden

    Attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon
    September 11, 2001 ("911")
    Terrorist Conflict
    Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida organization

    Afghanistan War (Operation Enduring Freedom)
    October 7, 2001-Present
    War against Terrorism
    The Taliban and Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaida organization

    Third Persian Gulf War "Operation Iraqi Freedom"
    Invasion Iraq, MARCH 19, 2003 "Baghdad time on March 20" – present
    Inter State War

    A War to Remember
    World War II

    September 1939 through to 1945

    Support our Troops and Veterans of Foreign Wars
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    Remember Our Veterans, and thousands of new veterans returning from the battlefield...
    This is our ways to support and honor our Richwood Troops and Veterans of Foreign Wars.
    If you have a U.S. military photo of a Richwood WV. or Richwood High School military person who served in a Foreign War and would like to add the photo, email us the photo with the year of the photo, the name of the person pictured, and any significant information relative to the photo and which war…..
    E-mail the name and photo to:
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    Fallen But Not Forgotten
    Hello. My name is Glenn Wilson and I live in Scott Depot West Virginia. I recently took a tour of Europe and was in Margraten Cemetery in the Netherlands. I was looking at the crosses and found Donald H. Copeland among the soldiers from West Virginia. I took a picture and decided to do some research and found that he may have been from Richwood. On the cross is: Donald H. Copeland, SSGT, 353 INF 89 DIV, West Virginia, Apr. 7, 1945. He is no relation to me...........other than the WV connection...just saw your website and thought I'd pass the info and photo along.
    Sincerely, Glenn
    Margraten Cemetery
    Donald H. Copeland, SSGT, 353 INF 89 DIV
    Birth: unknown
    Death: Apr. 7, 1945
    Note: Entered the service from West Virginia.
    Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial
    Margraten Limburg Province, Netherlands

  • Netherlands American Cemetery lies in the village of Margraten, 6 miles east of Maastricht. Maastricht can be reached by train from Paris

  • The soldiers buried at Margraten died in battles from the D-Day landings in Normandy to VE-Day (Victory in Europe Day) in May 1945.

  • Europe's third largest war cemetery for unidentified soldiers who died in World War II. 8,301 soldiers are buried there under long rows of white crosses and stars of David.

  • President George W. Bush was the first American president who visited the cemetery, on 8 May 2005.

  • Bob Hart Bob Hart
    Bob Hart
    World War II,or the Second World War.
    Branch of Service:  "U.S. Army "  
    Which war:          World War II,or the Second World War - September 1939 through to 1945  
    submitted:           Lauren, Bob Hart is my great-great uncle. 
    Bob Hart Great, Great Aunt is the Confederate Spy Nancy Hart of Roane County West Virginia.

    The Second World War, from 1 September 1939 through to 1945, German invasion of Poland began World War II. The five leading Allied nations, Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union, the United States, and China.

    Ernest Trescott Ernest Trescott
    Ernest Trescott
    Spanish American War
    Branch of Service:  " "  
    Which war:          Spanish American War - took place between April and August 1898  
    submitted:           Kenneth Trescott. 

    This is Ernest Trescott; he settled in Richwood in 1909 and worked at the Pin Factory and Big Mill until he retired in the late 1930's or early 40's. He died March 30, 1949 and is buried at Richwood Cemetery. Grand pop was the last Spanish American War veteran buried in Richwood. On the back of the picture was this thought. Hearts don't break, they sting and ache, for old time sake, but they do not die. As witnessed by the living. I am Kenneth Trescott his Grandson and for me he was a kind gentle man

    Frank Ignatioius Frank Ignatious
    Ignatious, Frank B.
    Entered the Service from: Richwood West Virginia
    Birth: Nov. 12, 1916
    Death: Dec. 26, 1979
    Burial: Lincoln Memorial Cemetery, Hamlin, Lincoln County, West Virginia, USA
    Branch of Service:  "U.S. Army "  
    Which war:          Second World War - September 1939 through to 1945  
    submitted:           Lucy Mitchell 

    Frank the son of Joe & Mary Ignatious of Horse Ridge, Richwood WV.
    Joe and Mary Ignatious came to West Virginia and Joe work in the coal mines in Saxman, Nicholas County, West Virginia. Mary worked as a cook for a boarding house in Saxman WV. While young Frank worked right along beside her. Frank's mother later ran a boarding house. Although they didn't have much, Frank's mother had always taught him how to take a little of nothing and turn it into a meal so Frank was no stranger to cooking as a young boy. Their was a church, school, store, bowling alley, theater, coke ovens, and a few 2 story boarding house as well as single story houses. They stayed hear until (I think the late 20’s)
    The town is gone now. It's bookmarked only by the remains of the mining operation and the coke ovens on the hillside. And old cement pillars where some building rested on. His dad Joe Ignatious moved his family to a small farm 4 Miles North Of Richwood on Horse Ridge Mountain in 1930’s. Joe and Mary Ignatious sold the farm in the 50's and move behind Campolio grocery store on Riverside Drive. Mary Ignatious died in 1955 and Joe died in 1957.

    Ernest Trescott Sammy Frame
    SP/5 Samuel S. Frame....U.S. Army (Korea)...WVANG
    Born 26 July 1922--Died 2 Sept 2001

    Branch of Service:  "U.S. Army "  
    Which war:          Korean War - took place between 1950-1953  
    submitted:           Billy Gardner. 

    Sammy worked a the STAR Theater and also for the Richwood Street Dept. for many years.

    The pictures and newspaper articles are from 1943-1945.
    The pictures and newspaper articles are from 1943-1945.
    Staff Sergeant James O. Sparks....U.S. Army Air Corps (Second World War )
    Born: April 2, 1924 - Webster County, W. Va.
    Died: June 15, 2009 - Barberton, Ohio

    Branch of Service:  "Army Air Corps  "  
    Which war:          Second World War - 11 November 1942 thru 18 September 1945  
    submitted:           Stephen J. Sparks 

    He enlisted in the Army Air Corps in 1942 at age 18 and flew 50 bombing missions during World War II, in the South Pacific, as an aerial waist gunner on a B-24 Liberator bomber. He was awarded the Air Medal with eight Oak Leaf Clusters and the Asia Pacific Medal with eight Bronze Battle Stars.
    His years of hunting grouse at a young age with his grandfather trained him well for aerial combat. In fact, he was so good at shooting targets that the military wanted him to stay in the states and be an instructor at aerial gunnery school in Florida. He had his mind made up that he wanted to go into combat and fight the Japanese so he refused the offer and went off to war.

    Richwoodwww.richwooders.comWest Virginia
    Cherish that freedom and protect it. God bless our nation.