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Nicholas County,
West Virginia

The Hills and Hollows of Richwood

Welcome to Nicholas County, Richwood,West Virginia, USA, Richwooders Site!
Because of the wealth of information and Richwood vintage photos (1900's to the late sixties) out there we could use your help! So.... any of you Richwooders and former Richwooders that might have some memories or photos to share, Email US. Thank you!

Most Wanted Photos and Posters of Richwood!!!

  • Main Street Cafe ( Harry and Maysel McCroskey owned it, and a lot of the school kids ate their lunch there every
         day. They were known for their good hotdogs! )
  • Jack's Drive-inn,Marlinton Road, 50's and 60's
  • Old Marlwood INN (Marlinton Road)
  • Old Pure Oil Station (Corner of Oakford Avenue and Main Street)
  • The Old Gulf Station ( Main Street )
  • The WVAR radio Station
  • Richwood Drive-In Movie Theater, 50's and 60's
  • The old Auditorium Theater in Richwood
  • Pics of the "old" Tannery School on Riverside Drive!
  • Pics of the "old" Holy Family School Riverside Drive!
  • Richwood,Roaring 20's
  • Richwood. Old Tannery ( where they tanned hides )
  •               Submitted by:    ( Renay Brown )
              (1)  Vintage Photos Submitted by: Renay Brown!

  • Campolio's Store, 50's
  • Dew Drop INN, 50's
  • City Hall at the beginning of 20th Century
  • The great Richwood fire of 1921
  •               Submitted by:    ( Paul Richard Greathouse )
              (1)  Destroyed the majority of the commercial core of Richwood.
                        (a)  The Great Richwood Fire
                        (b)  Richwood is destroyed by fire, August 15, 1921
                        (c)  Main Street burning in this Small town of Richwood
                        (d)  A town on fire.

  • Richwood Rainbow Grill
  • B&O Depot in 1950,s and any photos of Richwood Passenger Train
  •               Submitted by:    ( Renay Brown )
              (1)  Vintage Photos Submitted by: Renay Brown!

  • Boardwalk through the mill and over to Milltown
  • The original old wooden swinging bridge linked Southside with the Cherry Boom and Lumber Company Mill
  • The old wooden swinging bridge at the end of the Paper Mill
  • Any wooden swinging bridge in Richwood West Virginia
  • Twentieth Century, Richwood in the 20's or 30's.
  • WWII soldiers billboard
    I have tried to get a picture of the WWII soldiers billboard that stood on Main Street or the one that was on Oakford Ave between the McClung Hoapital the Oakford Hotel? The one that was on East Main Street was on the Cherry River Boom and Lumber Company which we all knew as the Big Mill. Do you have any idea where I could get a picture? There should be one somewhere in Richwood.
    Thank you. K Trescott

  • Like many towns Richwood Have many vintage photos and stories of special accounts, the Twentieth Century and the heyday years. Also does anyone have any knowledge or memories of the

  • Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
  • Workers planting an estimated three billion trees from 1933 to 1942. The two camp in Richwood was at (1) 11/20/1933 Camp Cranberry 13 mi. NE of Richwood WV (2) 11/20/1933 Camp Woodbine 7 mi. South of Richwood WV From: Dulcimerman A correction for you. Just a minor detail Woodbine is also north of Richwood. Map showing Woodbine and Richwood

    To submit your photographs and postcard to our site, email your scanned image to:
    Would be appreciated

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