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In memory of our Classmates, RHS Class of 1964, West Virginia
Class of 1964
The Final Roll Call
  • Alderman, William
  • Armstrong, Roby
  • Bennett, Lionel
  • Bennett, Lora (Sutton)
  • Boggs, Brenda (Johnson)
  • Boggs, Sharon (Greathouse)
  • Cornell, Donald
  • David, Frankie
  • Davis, Phyllis (Gardner)
  • Hess, Loyce (Cranfield)
  • Ingle, David
  • Jarvis, Paul "Jr"
  • Lester, Glen
  • Lynch, Marlin
  • McMillion, Mary Jane
  • Meadows, Charles
  • Miller, Becky (Arnold)
  • Mullens, Priscilla Ann (Thomas)
  • Mullins, James
  • Murphy, James
    • Rose, Margaret (Beckett)
    • Sandy, Steve
    • Skidmore, Anna Bell
    • Spencer, Roger Lee
    • Taylor, Rodney
    • Tuckwiller, Jack
    • Ward, Alvin
    • William, Jo Anna (Spencer)
    • Wolverton, Sheila (Quick)
    • Young, Noretta (O’Dell)

      In memory of our Classmates

      To each reunion we are saddened
      To hear that some more of our
      Classmates have passed away.

      None of us are getting any younger
      and can thank God that we can
      meet once again to renew our
      old friendships and exchange
      stories of our lives at this 45th
      Reunion of the Class of 1964.
      Let us not forget our fellow Classmates

      Who have gone to their final reunion
      With their God