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Nancy Hart
Hart Mural

Appalachian Coal Miners
Share your knowledge and uncopyrighted material on coal mining and coke ovens online with Richwooders and West Virginians. We West Virginians and Richwooders are proud of our heritage and coal mines and coke ovens have had a definite impact on what Richwood West Virginia was and is today. As stewards of our heritage, Richwooders and West Virginians must build our future by respecting our heritage.

Coal Mining Photos

Hominy Fall Miners
Hominy Fall

Hominy Fall Miners
First Aid

CENTER>Donegan Coal and Coke Richwood West Virginia
Donegan Coal and Coke Richwood West Virginia 1957

Last updated 02/15/2013
  • Coke ovens at Saxman WV, which played a big part of Richwood form the 1900 to late 50's

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