Richwood Richwooders West Virginia

        Ritzy Rae Diner, Richwood on Oakford Avenue
Ritzy Rae Diner Richwood WV
Submitted by: Betsy Maisel                                Ritzy Rae Classic Diner - 50s style restaurant dining

       What a great place this was for chili hot dogs and a coke after school. You can see the old High School in the background... We use to stop there in the afternoons and for a quarter get a dog and a coke.. Wish it were still there...Betsy

I was very happy to see the picture of the Ritzy Rae. My Mom, Thelma Cottrell was the owner in the fifties. She made the best hot dogs! I remember Stafford Starcher and John"Montana" McClure helped her when she needed assistance with anything. Happy memories.
Patty Price <>
Richwood, USA -

Richwood WV
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Richwood Richwooders West Virginia

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