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Richwood Banking and Trust's Postcard!
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Richwood, Nicholas County, West Virginia, 26261

Richwood Banking and Trust!

A large, four story brick building house the Richwood Banking and Trust Company.Richwood Banking and Trust!

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Where:          Richwood Banking and Trust Company, Richwood West Virginia
When:           Unknown
Submitted by:   Dana Tinnel
Richwood Banking and Trust Company, housed in excellent fire-proof buildings and with all modern facilities for protection against fire burglary and theft, constructed of brick, stone, tile and concrete, take care of the local financial necessities of Richwood, W. Va.
Here a postcard I found at my grandparents house. I would like to ask
if anyone has any info on Harry James Alderman or his wife Wavie to make
a post so we could connect. Thank you

Richwood,Nicholas County,WV., 26261

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Richwoodwww.richwooders.comWest Virginia
The Richwood Banking and Trust Company Richwood, W. Va.