The Yew Pine Inn!
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The Yew Pine Inn staff was friendly & very accommodating and the rooms were large for the hotel standard of bygone era with cutting-edge, modern features.

The Yew Pine Inn based on comfort, relaxation, and insight into the valuable assets of Richwood area.

Old postcard of the Richwood Yew Pine InnThe Yew Pine Inn! A great photo of the Yew Pine Inn, located in Richwood, WV. The Photo is dated 1910.

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Where:          Is a great photo of the Yew Pine Inn, Located in Richwood, WV.
When:           1910
Submitted by:   Renay Brown
There were many boarding houses in the City of Richwood but only two big hotels, The Yew Pine Inn and the New Northern. The hotel was originally the Aylor House a clean, comfortable, and relaxing place to lay your head; it became the Yew Pine Inn 1907 name for The Yew Pine Mountains which are located in Nicholas County, from Richwood, follow Rt. 39 (Marlinton Road) East toward Marlinton and part of the time you will be going thru the Yew Pine Mountains. The West Virginia red spruce is often called a yew pine and Richwooders used to call the big Yew Pine forest, the West Virginia Pineywoods.

Richwood,Nicholas County,WV., 26261

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Richwoodwww.richwooders.comWest Virginia

Yew Pine Inn, Richwood, WV 1910