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Coal Mining Mural
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Coal Mining mural
Coal Mining mural
Coal Mining mural
A beautiful Coal Mining Mural can be seen on West Virginia Route 39 at 26 E Main St, Richwood, WV 26261 adjacent to the Main Street Post Office painted directly onto an exterior wall of the old Gulf Gas Station Building or People’s Garage, last operated by Bruce Cutlip, painted during the Summer of 2000.
Photo taken in:         Richwood West Virginia  
Photograph by:          Priscilla Hart
Commissioned by:        Mayor Jeromy Rose
Completed:              Summer of 2000

  • Quick Description: This mural depicts coal mining in downtown Richwood West Virginia, population of 2000 folks.
  • Facts: Coal miners moved to Richwood to work in the emerging coal industry in the late 1930s and mining population growing throughout the 1950s, coal employment increased in many surrounding communities and during the period between 1960 and 1970 approximately 5,000 coal miners lived in Richwood and nearby communities. Coal miners lived work and shop and they came from Summersville, Marlinton, Hillsboro, Webster Springs, Rainelle, and many surrounding communities to shop at the many stores in Richwood. At its peak, Richwood was home to about 10,000 people, The decade of the 1980's dealt a severe blow to Richwood and the mining industial and now only about 2,000 Richwooders remain.
  • The current occupants of the old Gulf Gas Station Building or People’s Garage is Richwood Monuments.
    Coal Mining mural

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