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Richwood - Milltown Elementary School Seventh grade, 1951 - 1952

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Milltown Grade School,Seventh Grade,1951 - 1952

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Where:              Richwood West Virginia  
When:               1951 &   1952
Submitted by:       Marilyn Seitz

Pictured is the Seventh grade class for 1950-1951 of the Milltown School, Richwood. We are able to identify all or (most) of the members, is there a Richwooder who can Identify the rest of the class or errors on the page, please let us know?

Row 1,left to right: 
         Number 1.    Lewis Sullivan       
         Number 2.    Linda Chapman 
         Number 3.    Larry Facemire                
         Number 4.    Corlea Moore        
         Number 5.    David Kirk
         Number 6.    Alice Meadows         
         Number 7.    Delmas Prine
         Number 8.    Marilyn Seitz  
Row 2 ,left to right:
         Number 1.    Violet Greene     
         Number 2.    Ranny Doddrill    
         Number 3.    Jane Butler  
         Number 4.    Allen Porter
         Number 5.    Shirley Westfall
         Number 6.    Richard White   

Row 3, left to right:
         Number 1.    Jim Martin
         Number 2.    Barbara Henderson       
         Number 3.    Bunkie Boyers
         Number 4.    Ann Blackshire   
         Number 5.    Johnny Stewart  
         Number 6.    Susie Brown    
         Number 7.    David Russell
         Number 8.    Margie Sue Faulkner
Row 4,left to right:      
         Number 1.    Buzz Coulter     
         Number 2.    Doug Mullins
         Number 3.    Joel McQuade
         Number 4.    Brenda Bailey
         Number 5.    Tommy Murphy
         Number 6.    Danny Boone
         Number 7.    Jim Bussey

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(1) Marilyn Seitz recognize: Lewis Sullivan,Linda Chapman,Larry Facemire,Corlea Moore,David Kirk,Alice Meadows,Delmas Prine,Marilyn Seitz,Violet Greene,Ranny Doddrill,Jane Butler,Allen Porter,Shirley Westfall,Richard White,Jim Martin,Barbara Henderson,Bunkie Boyers,Ann Blackshire,Johnny Stewart,Susie Brown,Margie Faulkner,Buzz Coulter,Doug Mullins,Joel McQuade,Brenda Bailey,Tommy Murphy,Danny Boone,Jim Bussey,

(2) Carolyn Stonestreet:   The boy just before Margie Sue Faulkner in milltown seventh grade 1951- 1952 is my brother David Russell..thank you
Richwood WV - Milltown Elementary Seventh grade 1951 - 1952, Richwood, West Virginia

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