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In Memory of our School Days, South Richwood School,Sixth Grade,
Richwood Independent District
Nicholas County, West Virginia 1924 - 1925

South Richwood School South Richwood School

Arnett S. Anderson, Teacher

Pearl Barker        Junita Blankenship
Myrtle Boone        Florence Butler
Wilma Chapman       Lenna Dodrill
Fairest Gainer      Mabel Griffey
Helen Hambrick      Grace Hall
Auva James          Goldie Kight
Edith Miller        Hazel Moore
Edith Platt         Goldie Rogers
Hattie Seward       Ruby Shaver
Maudle Vannoy       Thelma Wayne
Pauline Williams    Gerald Chapman
Archie Fitxpatrick  McClellan Hard
Arthur Hoff         Claude Hoff
Lewis Platt         Roy Perkins
Rudolph Purterfield Kelly Wayne
Lenzy Webb          Kennith Williams 

A note was penciled in stating that
 Maudie Vannoy and Kelly Wayne
 had married.

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Paul Greathouse bringing up a Typing Error mistake?   In the list Vannery, this should be Vannoy.   Thank you for taking a few minutes to inform us of the mistake.

Where:         South Richwood School, Sixth Grade, Nicholas County, West Virginia  
When:          1924 - 1925   
Photographer:  UNKNOWN 
Submitted by:  Paul Greathouse 
                    Here are pictues from a Souvenir booklet of the South Richwood School. 

Puplis of South Richwood School

Dedicated this page to the 1924 - 1925 Puplis of South Richwood School

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