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Fenwick Ele. Grade School 6th and 7th grade, 1951 - 1952, Near Richwood WV

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Fenwick Grade School,6th and 7th ,1951 - 1952
I found my old school picture from Fenwick Grade School 1951-1952 grades 6-7 This is the same one on the site from the Newsleader.
First Row: Mary Sullivan teacher, Joe Hamrick, Lena Shoulders, Dana Johnson, Marie Carr, Eugene Johnson, Gay Johnson, Burl Kinkade, and Margaret Johnson.
2nd row: Boyd Collins, Jo Ann Murphy, Johnny Morrison, Clarence Carr, Nancy Otto, Kenny Lewis.
3rd row:Susan Haga, Eugene Chapman, Frances Hammond, Berton Coakley, Arlene Hamrick,Arnold Wilson, Tressie Shaver, Elmer Beam, Roberta Gram,
4th Row: Charles Roberson, Shirley Coakley, Betty Shepard, Marlene Pritt, Ralph(Dink) Dooley, Olive Young, Betty Carnell, Patsy Hinkle, Gene Tharp.

Newspaper Clipping
Fenwick Grade School,6th and 7th ,1951 - 1952
Fenwick Grade School,6th and 7th ,1951 - 1952
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Where:            Fenwick, West Virginia  
When:             1951 & 1952
Submitted by:     BL Kesterson
Pictured is the 6th and 7th grade class (1951-1952) of the Fenwick Elementary School, Near Richwood. Is there a
or a Fenwick Class Mate who can Identify the rest of the class or errors on the page, please let us know?

Row 1,left to right: 
         Number 1         Mary Sullivan (Teacher)
         Number 2         Joe Hamrick
         Number 3         Lena Shoulders
         Number 4         Dana Johnson
         Number 5         Marle Carr
         Number 6         Eugene Johnson
         Number 7         Gay Johnson
         Number 8         Alfred Kincald 
         Number 9         Margaret Johnson

Row 2 ,left to right:
         Number 1         Boyd Collins
         Number 2         JoAnn Murphy
         Number 3         Johnny Morrison
         Number 4         Clarence Carr
         Number 5         Nancy Otto  
         Number 6         Kenny Lewis

Row 3, left to right:
         Number 1         Susan Hagy
         Number 2         Gene Chapman
         Number 3         Francis Hammons
         Number 4         Burton Coakley
         Number 5         Irene Hamrick
         Number 6         Arnold Wilson 
         Number 7         Tressle Shaver
         Number 8         Elmer    Beam  
         Number 9         Roberta Barnhouse 

Row 4,left to right:      
         Number 1         Charles Robinson
         Number 2         Shirley Coakley
         Number 3         Betty Shephard
         Number 4         Marlene Pritt
         Number 5         Dink Dooley
         Number 6         Olive Young
         Number 7         Betty Cornell
         Number 8         Patsy Hinkle
         Number 9         Gene Tharp

Dale Henderson was the principal of Fenwick Grade School.

(1)   I was (identified) in the newspaper clipping in the 6th and 7th grade 1951-1952- Terrible picture!
Thanks for a great site! Lena Shoulders (Crain)

(2)  Lena, you are right about the terrible newspaper clipping picture.
Maybe someone will send a better quality photo to us......Thank you! Webmaster......

Fenwick Elementary School 6th and 7th grade 1951 - 1952, Fenwick, West Virginia

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Elementary School - 6th and 7th grade.
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