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     I would like to thank the restaurants for the good hot dogs, brown beans and cornbread and the best chili dogs and best homemade pies in West Virginia and maybe the World. The Best Pizza and Subway in West Virginia is at Richwood, WV.,
SO, Spice up your food life at Richwood restaurants

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Mumsey's Iron Skillet
761 Richwood Rd.
Richwood, WV. 26261
Phone: (304) -846 - 4442

Rails To Trails Custard Stand
12 Cherry River Plaza
Richwood, WV. 26261
Phone: (304)

Dairy Queen Brazier Store
50 Edgewood Ave.
Richwood, WV. 26261-1046
Phone: (304) 846-4061

Dairy Queen    
Dairy Queen
Gateway Cafe
66 Dain St
Richwood, WV 26261
Phone: (304) 846 2232
Lumberjack Restaurant offers a menu full of hearty and delicious choices and great service too!

 Lumberjack Restaurant
 Lumberjack Restaurant
Pizza Hut is closed
Pizza Hut
407 Cherry River Plaza
Richwood, WV. 26261
Phone: (304) 846-4007
We were sorry to see Pizza Hut close it was a pizza restaurant, serving as a gathering spot for teens gathering after school and before & after school events.

Pizza Hut store near Richwood, WV. 26261.

Pizza Hut
809 Broad St
Summersville WV 26651
Phone: (304)872-5449
(23.63 Miles) From Richwood

Pizza Hut
502 Park Ctr
Rainelle WV 25962
Phone: (304)438-8566
(33.7 Miles) From Richwood

Pizza Hut
I-79 Sutton Gassaway Exit
Gassaway WV 26624
Phone: (304)364-2255
(58.7 Miles) From Richwood

Pizza Hut    
Pizza Hut

Fenwick WV. 26202