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Richwood West Virginia Flood photo 1932!


Old Pure Oil Station (Corner of Oakford Avenue and Riverside Drive) Richwood West Virginia.

Flood of 1932, Oakford Ave. and Pure Oil station!

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Oakford Ave, Pure station,Richwood
That old Pure Oil station is gone, and no one can bring it back, but most people, of a certain age, are familiar with Richwood Pure Oil Station and free road maps of West Virginia advertising crude from the famous Cabin Creek field in West Virginia handed out to any one who needed a map and Gasoline: between 8 and 12 cents a U.S. gallon, the Good Old Days of Cheap Gas. Now Check out Sunoco gas prices below, photo was taken July 2009. When gasoline price increase in the good old days, it would cause considerable protest in Richwood and around the country……
Behind the gas pump is the Ritzy Rae Diner Building it was a 50's style restaurant. What a great place this was for chili hot dogs and a coke after school.
Where:           Oakford Ave., Richwood 
When:           I'm guessing this is 1932
Submitted by:   Rick Rann
Oakford Avenue,Richwood

This picture was taken at Oakford Ave and the Cherry River Bridge July 2009.

Where:          Oakford Ave., Richwood 
When:           July 2009
Submitted by:   Bill & Judy
Sacred Heart Hospital, Catholic School and Catholic Church,Richwood
1940's memories of Richwood brick surfaced streets, the old Pure station, Sacred Heart Hospital, Catholic School and Catholic Church what do you remember about Oakford Ave. and Richwood roaring forties.
Where:          Oakford Ave., Richwood 
When:           Forties
Submitted by:   Lauren Cox

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