Earlier flood Photos captured the extent of flooding in the
City of Richwood.

Some of these pictures were during an early flood. My dad, Willard, "Bubber" McCroskey had them. He was born in 1916, but he said they were from an earlier time than that. The one with the horse and wagon was taken in front of where Hewitt's Motor is now. The last one is my Dad with my mother, Helen, when he was home on leave during WWII.
Richwood Flood

Richwood High School

The horse and wagon was taken in front of where Hewitt's Motor is now
Early flood-warning systems for people living along Cherry River undoubtedly went from horseback to high-tech.

Willard and Helen McCroskey during WWII
Where:               City of Richwood, Nicholas County, West Virginia   
When:                Unknown
Photographer:        Unknown  
Photo submitted by:  Judy Johnson
  • 1932 Flood
  • Richwood Flood '54
  • Nov. 19 2003 Flood

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