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Richwood Grade School 1st Grade 1963/1964

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Richwood Grade School 1st Grade 1963/1964
    (Richwood Thumbnails)  (Main Page)Pictured is the 1st Grade 1963/1964 of the Richwood Grade School. We have been unable to identify some of the Missing Classmates names, is there a Richwooder Class Mate who can Identify the classmate or errors on the page, please let us know?

Row 1,left to right: 
         Number 1        Lenora Wolford (sp?)      
         Number 2        Barry Louden     
         Number 3        Penny Truman 
         Number 4        ??? 
         Number 5        ??? 
         Number 6        Ricky Allman 
         Number 7        Cindy Jones
         Number 8        Talmedge Marshall (sp?) 
Row 2 ,left to right:
         Number 1        Danny Groves     
         Number 2        Robin Hammons
         Number 3        Dennis Hinkle 
         Number 4        Debbie ??? 
         Number 5        John Dan Dotson 
         Number 6        Kimberly Morrison

Row 3,left to right:      
         Number 1        Debbie Groves  
         Number 2        ??? 
         Number 3        Roberta Spencer
         Number 4        ???
         Number 5        Betty Wyatt  
         Number 6        Jimmy Angus (???)  
         Number 7        Leslie Radcliff  
         Number 8        Don Blankenship 

Row 4,left to right:      
         Number 1        Carl Bailey      
         Number 2        ???  
         Number 3        ???
         Number 4        Dallas Rudd

Where:            Richwood Grade School, Richwood West Virginia  
When:             1963 & 1964  
Submitted by:     Aaron and Cynthia Salisbury, photo is a scan of the class book photo owned by Cindy (Jones) Salisbury

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(1)        From: Aaron and Cynthia Salisbury
Date: Apr 19, 2010 2:34 PM
The attached photo is a scan of the class book photo owned by Cindy (Jones) Salisbury, pictured in the photo.
Known people in the photo:
Row 1, Lenora Wolford (sp?), Barry Louden,Penny Truman, ???, ???, Ricky Allman, Cindy Jones, Talmedge Marshall (sp?)
Row 2, Danny Groves, Robin Hammons, Dennis Hinkle, Debbie ???, John Dan Dotson, Kimberly Morrison
Row 3, Debbie Groves, ???, Roberta Spencer, ???, Betty Wyatt, Jimmy Angus (???), Leslie Radcliff, Don Blankenship
Row 4, Carl Bailey, ???, ???, Dallas Rudd

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Richwood Grade School (RGS) 1st Grade 1963/1964
RichwoodClick for Virginia

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Richwood Grade School (RGS) 1st Grade 1958/1959

I like the Elementary Schools in Richwood they was small and you got to know the other kids and their families. You saw your friends outside the school context, there was lots of room in Richwood to breathe and we was ready and willing to be pushed to ours potential!
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