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Charity Hart   
Daughter of Stephen Hart and Mary Plumley!
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NameLifespanWhere Born
Charity Hart   (Confederate Spy Nancy Hart's Sister)

Mother:    Mary Plumley
Father:      Stephen Hart
abt. 1837 / 1869  

Va. / W. Va.

Additional Notes
Charity Hart
Charity Hart, she was not married

Given Name:   Charity
Surname:         Hart
Sex:                Female
Death:             16 July 1869


NameBirth / DiedTown or CityCountyState
James M.abt. 1864 / --------
Charles R.abt. 1869 / --------
Charity Hart
Charity Hart

I have seen Charles R. and James M. name on the 1870 Roane County census report. It may be possible that James M. and Charles R. is the sons of Stephen Hart daughter, Charity.

  Email From Charles Lowe
  I did not find a Charles R. Hart born in Roane County and I did not find a Charles Hart in the 1880 or 1900 census of West Virginia nor in any marriage records of Roane County, West Virginia.

  I found a Charles Hart (spelled Heart in the Roane County birth records) and he was born 4 Jan 1869 to Charity. My guess the Charity is Charity Hart and she was not married when she had Charles (according to the birth records).
If you want to get a copy of the birth certificate then you need to contact:
Roane County Vital Records
P. O. Box 69
Spencer, WV 25276
Phone # 304/927-2860
You can also order the birth certificate on line by going to the West virginia Vital Records and then selecting Roane County then fill out the required information.

   I also found where Charity Hart (mother of Charles Hart) died July 16, 1869 (six months after Charles was born). This would also explain why Charles was living with Charity's parents Stephen and Mary in the 1870 census. Charity was 31 years 7 months and 14 days old when she died.

  I also found where Martha Hart married Uriah Dobbins in Roane County 8 Mar 1857 also Kelly Hart married Sarah Haley 26 May 1867 also Salina Hart married Daniel Harrold 17 Jul 1886

Stephen Hart and Mary Plumley had 13 children that I could find. Jane born abt. 1833, Martha born 1834, James born 1836, Charity born 1838, William born 1840, Kelly born 1843, Nancy born 1845, Floyd born 1847, Catherine born 1850, Doliver born Rebecca born 1853, Salina born 1855, and John born 1857.

  Email from Carol Rose
   I found no birth record for James M Hart in Roane Co. Births book. I checked other spellings, Harte/Hartley/Harton/etc. and found nothing there. I did find "Ida C." born to James and Nancy Hart 30 April 1914 at Gay. If James M. was born near Gay or any other community near Jackson County, his birth could possibly be recorded in Jackson County.
There is a record in Cemetery Book volume 1, page 155: James M. Hart March 9, 1865-June 28, 1924 buried in Smith Cemetery, (aka Smith Cem. #1) located near Uler on Newton-Uler-Elana Road on the Arnold Smith farm.

James M Hart death certificate
James M. Hart
Birth March 9, 1964
Death: June 28, 1924

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