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     I would like to thank the restaurants for the good hot dogs, brown beans and cornbread and the best chili dogs and best homemade pies in West Virginia and maybe the World. The Best Pizza and Subway in West Virginia is at Richwood, WV.,
SO, Spice up your food life at Richwood restaurants

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Local family restaurant feels impact of COVID-19 and restaurant owners feeling uncertain about the future of their business.

  1. The Oakford Diner
    Hours: 6:30am - 8pm
    46 Oakford Ave, Richwood
    (304) 846-0226

  2. Cb's Hole in the Wall Pizza
    Hours: 11am - 9pm
    1 Park Pl, Richwood
    (304) 846-0141

  3. Chill out grill
    50 Edgewood Ave,
    Richwood, WV 26261
    Hours: 11AM - 8PM Monday thru Saturday
    Hours: 12 to 8PM Sunday
    Phone: (304) 628-3652

  4. Whistle Punk Grill & Taphouse
    35 E Main St
    Richwood, WV 26261
    (304) 846-2020

  5. THE OAKFORD POOL HALL & Restaurant
    38 Oakford Ave,
    Richwood, WV 26261
    Phone: (304) 846-6227

Richwood Restaurants That No Longer Exist

  1. Lighthouse Cafe
    2 West Main Street,
    Richwood, WV. 26261
    Phone: (304) 846-4050
    Barbara Stine, Manager

  2. Mumsey's Iron Skillet
    761 Richwood Rd.
    Richwood, WV. 26261
    Phone: (304) -846 - 4442

  3. Chachi's Pizza & Wings
    In the old Pizza Hut Location:
    12 Cherry River Plaza
    Richwood, WV. 26261
    Phone: (304) 846-2999

  4. C & S Restaurant
    46 Oakford Ave
    Richwood, WV 26261
    Phone: (304) 846-2807
    Best homemade pies in the world and friendly service at the C&S Restaurant.
    I’m very sad to see the C&S restaurant close. I love having Ramps there and it was a very good place to eat in Richwood.

  5. Dairy Queen Brazier Store
    50 Edgewood Ave.
    Richwood, WV. 26261-1046
    Phone: (304) 846-4061

  6. Gateway Cafe
    66 Dain St
    Richwood, WV 26261
    Phone: (304) 846 2232

  7. Lumberjack Restaurant
    66 Dain St
    Richwood, WV 26261
    Lumberjack Restaurant offers a menu full of hearty and delicious choices and great service too!

  8. Pizza Hut
    407 Cherry River Plaza
    Richwood, WV. 26261
    Phone: (304) 846-4007
    We were sorry to see Pizza Hut close it was a pizza restaurant, serving as a gathering spot for teens gathering after school and before & after school events.

  9. Rails To Trails Custard Stand
    761 Richwood Rd.
    Richwood, WV. 26261
    Phone: (304) 846-9399

  10. Burger shop at Northern Hotel in the late 60’s early 70’s
    29 East Main Street
    Richwood, WV 26261
    The Best Old-School-Style Burger, two beef patties, American cheese oozes right into the nooks—along with sliced tomato, shredded iceberg lettuce, paper-thin onion, sweet pickles, mayo, and mustard. Outrageously tasty. Just $0.25.

  11. Tommy Restaurant
    1 W Main St
    Richwood, WV 26261
    (304) 846-9001

  12. Restaurant
    Any one Remember the Days? Prelaz Restaurant - closed (at 46 Oakford Ave (Does any one remember the Liberty restaurant).

  13. Ritzy Rae Classic Diner - 50s style restaurant
    Oakford Avenue
    Richwood, WV 26261
    What a great place this was for chili hot dogs and a coke after school.

*These restaurant has closed. If restaurant is open or has reopened, just let us know.

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