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Richwood Grade School 7/8th Grade 1964/1965

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Richwood Grade School 7th and 8th Grade 1964/1965
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Pictured is the 7/8th Grade class (1964-1965) of the Richwood Grade School. We have been unable to identify some of the Missing Classmates names, is there a Richwooder Class Mate who can Identify the classmate or errors on the page, please let us know?
Row 1,left to right: 
         Number 1        Shirley Jo Carden         
         Number 2        Georgia Beathe       
         Number 3        Bob Cogar  see note at bottom of page
         Number 4        
         Number 5        Debra Ingle 
         Number 6        
         Number 7        Nancy Groves
         Number 8        Elizabeth Coakley  
Row 2 ,left to right:
         Number 1        Mike Boggs         
         Number 2        Judy McCroskey    
         Number 3        

Row 3,left to right:      
         Number 1         John Zirkle   
         Number 2         
         Number 3        
         Number 4        Janet Westfall
         Number 5          
         Number 6        
         Number 7        Sydney McMillan
         Number 8        

Row 4,left to right:      
         Number 1               
         Number 2            
         Number 3        Debbie Haga
         Number 4        
         Number 5        Joan McKenzie    
         Number 6        Randy Lester
         Number 7        Richard Scruggs  
         Number 8            
Where:            Richwood Grade School, Richwood West Virginia  
When:             1964 & 1965  
Submitted by:     Debra Ingle  

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(1)        This is the first of several emails I will be sending with pictures from Dain, Walnut St. and Richwood Grade. I have listed as many people as I could. My mom, Flora Ingle, had listed some of the children's names on the back of the pictures. I'm Debra Ingle, graduated RHS in 1970. My two brothers, Gerald and David and my sister, Genelda all graduated from RHS also.


1st row: Shirley Jo Carden, Georgia Beathe, Bob Cogar, unknown, Debra Ingle, unknown, Nancy Groves, Elizabeth Coakley
2nd row: Mike Boggs, Judy McCroskey, unknown
3rd row: John Zirkle, unknown, unknown, Janet Westfall, Sydney McMillan, unknown, unknown
4th row: unknown, unknown, Debbie Haga, unknown, Joan McKenzie, Randy Lester, Richard Scruggs, unknown

Hi Debra, this is Bobby Cogar; Class of 65-66. I was checking on my family tree when I discovered this site for Richwood. I was greatly surprised when I came across the picture galleries. There was You, Me, Georgia and the rest of the gang smiling back at me. I remember my two seasons playing softball for RGS with Mr. McCoy the coach. That was a lot of fun and watching the girls team was great too. I did notice that the gallery just left of our 8th grade class had me listed on top row 3rd person to the left; but it was somebody else's picture. Also 6th grade class of 1965-1966 was missing; my sister Mary was in that Class. Deb; email me at with any information and what I can do to help with your organization. I even had a momentary thought of getting everyone in that graduation class {65-66} together some time for old Lang syne. Thanks Debra; Bobby
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Richwood Grade School (RGS) 7/8th Grade 1964/1965
RichwoodClick for Virginia

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Richwood Grade School (RGS) 7/8th Grade 1964/1965

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