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Black Rat Snakes of West Virginia and the Appalachia.        Back  Next      Wildlife Index!
Photograph taken June 6 ,2009 by Billybob
Black Rat Snakes
   Common Black Rat Snake of West Virginia and the Appalachia, (Elaphe obsoleta), large snake 34100". The largest of all Appalachian snakes is completely harmless. This long, powerful constrictor is shiny black with a white chin and belly. The young black rat snakes are black, white and gray with a pattern and people confuse young black rat snakes with copperheads (Agkistrodon contortrix). The black rat snake usually seen on the ground though an excellent climber and often resides in high tree cavities. Kills its prey by constriction. Feeds on birds, eggs, and mice.
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Of the 21 different types of snake found in West Virginia, only two species are poisonous, the Timber Rattler and the Copper Head.